Architecture Internships


Architecture is the science and art of designing designing and constructing buildings.

Architecture since ancient times have been associated with the level of civilisation a society has reached. In ancient civilizations, such as those Mesopotamia and Egypt, architecture reflected the spiritual connection between humans and the supernatural forces, the political power of the ruler, the ruling elite, or the state itself.

It is preferred that an Architecture student is imaginative and has creative thinking skills and the ability to analyse and critically assess problems. Understanding of history, and cultural and environmental concerns are bonuses.

During an Architecture Intern, you could be in involved in tasks such as:

  • Propose drawings concepts
  • Meet with clients
  • Preparation of sketches and drawings
  • Consult with engineers and other architects
  • The preparation, the edition and the revision of the plans, the maps, the paintings and the drawings
  • The calculation of the costs and the estimation of timescales
  • The collection of data by means of instruments
  • Make calculations of resistance of materials
  • Site visits

Examples of Architecture Internships:

  • Internship in construction management
  • Internship in asset management
  • Internship in project management
  • Internship in urban design
  • Internship in urban planning
  • Internship in conservation
  • Internship in construction law
  • Internship in furniture design
  • Internship in industrial design
  • Internship in interior design
  • Internship in disaster relief
  • Internship in property development

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