Arriving in Adelaide Airport:

I am in Australia!

Now what?

Transport to your accommodation from Adelaide Airport

Upon arrival pass through immigration and customs first. After such a long flight you

would maybe like to take a Taxi to your accommodation. But if you are into saving some

money right away, you can also consider taking the train or airport shuttle.



Below are some approximate fares you can expect to pay from Adelaide Airport.

Remember passengers pay for any bridge or road tolls on top of the fare

Fare estimates:

From 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

  • Flag fall: $3.70
  • Distance rate: $1.84
  • Booking fee: free

From 5:00 pm to 6:00 am & All day Saturday and Sunday

  • Flag fall: $4.90
  • Distance rate: $2.03
  • Booking fee: free



If you wish to use public transport from Adelaide Airport, metro offers a bus service called JetExpress between the airport and the city.

Adelaide Metro also offers a JetBus service to Glenelg, West Beach and the City, servicing all stops en route.

Both JetExpress and JetBus are Metroticket services. Single trip and day trip tickets can be purchased from bus drivers.


Airport Shuttle

Booking are not needed,

On arrival please make your way to the Information and Tourism Bookings Booth located on the ground floor of the terminal in a central location.  Shuttles are every half hour and cost $10 per person


City Shuttle Bus operating hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday from 8am – 9pm.

Saturdays from 8am – 6pm.

Sundays from 8am – 5pm

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