An opportunity to perform your internship in Melbourne is not to be missed. Indeed, Melbourne is a really nice city to live, you will meet lots of other student in the same situation than you, coming from different countries in the world with different cultures which will be a really interesting experience ! You will have lot’s of activities to do in Melbourne as explore the Melbourne Zoo, go to one of Melbourne’s smaller theatres to see a show or even see a show by Circus Oz. You will have plenty activities to do while you’re off work. During your time at work, you will be able to learn more about how the business is working in this part of the world but also their culture regarding work. Moreover, during your days off, you will be able to enjoy a nice nightlife in Melbourne and admire amazing landscape around the city like the Great Ocean Road for example. Doing your internship in Melbourne will be an amazing adventures full of experiences, new people to meet and to learn about, you will get better in English and you will learn everything you have to learn in the company you’ll be working with. So take your chance, and go to Melbourne for one lifetime adventure.

Transport to your accommodation from Melbourne Airport

Upon arrival pass through immigration and customs first. After such a long flight you

would maybe like to take a Taxi to your accommodation. But if you are into saving some

money right away, you can consider taking the airport shuttle which is named “Skybus Express” or you can also take the  bus.


Below are some approximate fares you can expect to pay from Melbourne Airport.

Remember passengers pay for any bridge or road tolls on top of the fare (these fares are

in Australian dollars.

From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm:

  • The flag fall is 4.20$
  • The distance rate is 1.62$ per km
  • Booking fee is 2.00$

From 5:00 pm to 9:00 am:

  • The flag fall is 5.20$
  • The distance rate is 2.00$ per km
  • Booking fee is 2.00$

From 10:00 pm to 4:00 am (only on Friday and Saturday):

  • The flag fall is 6.20$
  • The distance rate is 2.00$ per km
  • Booking fee is 2.00$


The following public bus services arrive and depart from Melbourne Airport:

Route 901 Melbourne Airport to Frankston – connects to Craigieburn line at Broadmeadows Station

Route 478 Airport West SC – Melbourne Airport via Melrose Drive

Route 479 Airport West SC – Sunbury Station via Melbourne Airport

Route 482 Airport West SC – Melbourne Airport via South Centre Rd

The public bus stop at Melbourne Airport is located at the transport hub in the At Terminal T4 Car Par.

Passengers travelling to and from the city can take the train to Broadmeadows Station and board the high-frequency SmartBus Route 901, a short journey from the Airport.

Airport Shuttle

SkyBus offers two express bus services:

Airport to Melbourne city – operates 24/7, including all public holidays, running every 10 minutes.

Tickets can be purchased on arrival at the bus stop or purchased online at

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