Biotechnology Internships

Biotechnology is a science that combines biology and technology. It relates to cellular and biomolecular processes and developing technologies and products that can help to improve the quality of human life, longevity and the health of the planet.

As a biotechnology intern you could be working side by side with experienced professionals and assist in activities such as:

  • Conducting health related research.
  • Setting up instruments and laboratory equipment.
  • Conducting and monitoring experiments.
  • Recording data.
  • Analysing data.
  • Designing research studies.
  • Developing procedures according to scientific methods.

Areas which a Biotechnologist can be involved in:

  • Discovery research, bioinformatics and animal sciences
  • Process development
  • Product development
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Environmental health and safety
  • Quality control
  • Quality assurance
  • Clinical research
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Medical affairs
  • Drug information
  • Information systems
  • Legal counsel
  • Business development
  • Marketing/sales
  • Project management

Examples of biotechnology internships:

  • Internship in biochemistry
  • Internship in bioinformatics
  • Internship in biophysics
  • Internship in biomedical engineering
  • Internship in laboratory
  • Internship in biotechnology research
  • Internship in clinical research
  • Internship in crime lab
  • Internship in forensics
  • Internship in quality control
  • Internship in pharmaceuticals
  • Internship in environmental engineering

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