Aug 10 2017


Discuss expectations & goals beforehand
In order to get the best experience that will contribute to your future career and also to avoid disappointment, make sure that you discuss internship expectations and goals beforehand, i.e. during the interview or once you have been offered the role. It’s important to make things clear from the beginning, especially if you are doing an internship abroad and travelling to another country!

Be punctual
This should be an obvious one, but there are always those that don’t follow. Don’t tarnish your image with this simple point, instead be responsible and make sure that you arrive on time or even a little earlier to set up and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Even if you are doing great work during the internship, if you are constantly arriving late, this is something that will be noticed.
If you do happen to be late, inform your supervisor/manager and let them know when you will be able to get to the office.
Not only does being punctual apply to arriving on time but also with deadlines too. If you are given a task and you don’t think you will complete it in time, it’s better to let your supervisor know to keep them informed rather than them having to chase it up.

Work-life balance
It’s important to have a life outside of work, but be aware of how these activities will impact your internship. If you are used to the uni/college party lifestyle, you will need to adjust to fit the professional environment. Going out drinking late on a weeknight when you have to be at the office at 9:00 am the next day, isn’t the best idea as someone will notice your drop in performance the next day and it will seem as you are not taking this opportunity seriously.

Questions: Good or Bad?
This depends on the questions itself.
If you don’t understand something or face a problem, of course you can ask your supervisor/mentor for assistance. However, before you do this, try to research and find the answer yourself. If you are constantly asking basic questions, it shows that you don’t care enough to try and solve it yourself and also that you don’t respect the time of your supervisor.Try to be independent and develop your problem-solving skills.
On the other hand, we have good questions, these are thought-provoking, intelligent, and show a sign of genuine interest in the business. I still remember an interview that I had, where the candidate really thought about the strategical aspect of the business and challenging situations, asking us how we dealt with this. This was impressive and therefore they got the role!

Show initiative
Everyone uses this phrase, but how often is it actually applied?
If you have ideas → share them! It could become a great strategy for the business that they haven’t thought of. You have a fresh perspective coming in as a current student, and this can also be an opportunity to get tasks/projects related to your interests, so don’t be shy and speak your mind!

The worst thing I have seen, is people sitting around once they have completed a task, seeming like they have nothing to do, checking their phones, facebook etc.. If you have time, get moving! Every intern works at a different pace, so if you have already completed a task before the deadline, ask what else you can help with and contribute to. Don’t waste your own time sitting around, get the best experience you can!

Everyone talks about networking, because it is very valuable. Through your internship, you are already meeting people in the industry, who have even more contacts in the industry, use this to your advantage!
If you make a great impression during your internship, not only do you have the chance to potentially continue as an employee (as most internships lead to jobs) you may also be referred for other positions by your colleagues. At the end of your internship you can ask for recommendation letters (being punctual and showing initiative definitely comes in handy now) which will be very useful when applying for graduate jobs.

Internships are a valuable experience where you can gain professional skills, understand a real business environment, and develop your industry knowledge. So to get noticed, go above and beyond your expected tasks and make the most of your time!

Article by: Arnela Hodzic, HR Officer at CareerDC

Jun 29 2017

Why do interns need an insurance cover

We receive many questions from host organisations and students/interns regarding insurance covers during the internship, or more precisely, how interns are covered for insurance during the internship. So I decided to share what we have learned during our years of coordinating internships in Australia. Many Australian companies are reluctant to take on interns because they are not covered via workers compensation which is true (in the case of unpaid internships).
Workers’ compensation is an insurance cover that covers the employees of an organisation if they are injured at the workplace or become ill due to their work. Workers compensation covers the employees of the company but does not cover the interns because they are not employees; therefore, the interns must organise their own insurance cover. The good news is that most Australian Universities provide an internship/work experience insurance cover that cover their students for personal accident or even public liability. So if you are a student currently looking for an internship and the host company is asking you for an insurance cover, the first thing you need to do is to speak to your University and ask them for an internship / work experience / work placement insurance cover.
In most cases, the University will ask you to submit an insurance application form, then they will provide you with an insurance certificate or a letter stating that you are covered under the insurance of the University for work experience / internships.
Enjoy the search for your next internship and remember to be prepared for all questions by the host organisation including questions about your insurance cover.
Article by Miqdad Hassan
CareerDC Managing Director
May 24 2017

8 Reasons to intern in the UAE


8 Reasons to intern in the UAE


As University students are becoming more interested in gaining international work experience by performing their internships abroad, it is fascinating to research and find out which countries are suitable for their purpose. As a Director of an internship coordination company; I have been researching, travelling and trying to figure out what are the most interesting locations for internships abroad. A rising country in the world of business is the UAE; not only because the country is rich with natural resources but also because of it’s infrastructure and the fact that the government is driving business, professional services and more towards continuous improvement.

Here I list the reasons why the United Arab Emirates could be your next destination for an internship:

1. Business: The UAE is a place to learn about business. Things happen fast here. The tallest building in the world Burj Khalifah was built in 6 years! People are here to do business. You are encouraged to learn, improve and do things. If you are an intern, you are most likely to be working with clients directly during your internship if you future role requires you too.

2. Young: Young people are trusted and encouraged in the UAE. If you are young, that is good. In the work culture here, young people are looked after as they are the new generation, they have the energy to do work and be creative.

3. Creativity: The businesses here are not rigid. You are allowed to be creative and innovative. Example, in the UAE there is a Ministry of happiness.

4. Multicultural: Everyone is welcomed in the UAE! Seriously! In this country, there are people from all over the world.

5. Language: Arabic is the official language in the country; however English is used most commonly in business environment. People in the UAE are friendly and will not judge your accent if English is not your first language.

6. Safe: The UAE was ranked by the World Economic Forum as the Second safest country on earth:

7. Things to do: Depending on your interests; you will be able to find things that you would like to do. Whether you are interested in adventures or shopping; you will find activities to do what you like.

8. Expo 2020: Expo 2020 is a Universal business expo. Millions of visitors will be visiting the UAE for the expo, and many more companies will be attracted to operate in the United Arab Emirates for the purpose of servicing clients in the region and being involved in the expo. Having your work experience on your CV from an innovative and leading country would be a strong advantage.

Enjoy your internship and travels.

Article by Miqdad Hassan

CareerDC, Managing Director

Feb 28 2017

Workshop at ISC Paris

CareerDC conducted a workshop on internships including topics such as how to find an internship and the benefits of international internship.

Thanks to ISC Paris ; working with your students in a wonderful experience.

Here are some photos from the event:

Jan 23 2017

How to find casual work in Australia

Finding a casual job next to your internship in Australia is a very good idea because it allows you to have extra money. However there are some tips on how to find a job, here you can discover what are the tips to find a job in Australia.
There is a very strong turnover in Australia for these jobs. People work a few months or a few weeks to earn extra cash and they move to another job or to another city.
If you have a good English level you can reach many jobs in Australia, however if your English is not very good, don’t worry you can start with a delivery job for example. If your English level is quite good, you should try to find a job in bar, restaurant, cinema, supermarket.
Here are a few tips you should respect to find easily a casual job in Australia
Write your CV in English and to Australian layout. Try to sell your skills and show you are the perfect person for this job. Also you should ask someone to read it and correct it. Moreover a letter from a previous employer can be a very good add for your application. Cover letters can be useful too. You have to show you are a dynamic and energetic person
Once you have made your CV and your cover letter, you can start apply for your offer. There are 3 possibilities here:
You can go in the streets and search by yourself. Don’t hesitate to do this. Go by yourself will show your motivation and also you will be able to see how is your future job place and eventually meet some people. Sometimes there are offers posted on the doors.
In the newspapers, you will be able to find some offers, you can apply (it should be via email or phone) maybe they will call you and propose you a trial day.
Search job via internet. There are some website proposing casual jobs. The most famous is probably, you will be able to reach a lot of proposition (however this is not a specialize website). Also you can go directly on company’s website and have a look if they propose some jobs.

You could be able to find a job very quickly in Australia because the rate for turnover is very high so companies are always looking for new person to enroll. If you don’t, maybe try to review your CV and cover letter or changing your method of searching.


Article by: Romain Baret


Nov 25 2016

How to find students accommodation in Australia

Found your internship? Applied for your visa and got your visa granted? Booked your flight? Sounds like you are ready to come to Australia! Next you will need to think about your accommodation during your stay in Australia. Here are some suggestions on where to look for accommodation suitable for an intern’s budget.

You could book a room only in advance for a short period of time for when you first arrive in Australia. This way you will have a place to stay as soon as you arrive and it will offer you a home base from where you can explore the town and to look for other, longer term, accommodation options. Airbnb (*) can be a very convenient option for a short term stay and can be cost effective:

Many interns prefer to share a flat/house with other interns or students as it is more economical than renting an entire place. In addition it can be a good way to make new friends. Below is information on some of the websites (*) from where you may be able to find shared accommodation: Gumtree


Student accommodation in Australia varies on average between $150 to $350 per week (AUD) depending on the city and the location.

Enjoy your experience!

(*) Please note that CareerDC is not affiliated or in any way promoting the accommodation websites mentioned here. The information is only provided to give interns ideas of where they could look for accommodation.


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