Chemical Engineering Internships


Chemical engineering is the discipline of engineering that concerns with the design and process of chemical operations.

In a chemical engineering internship, you could be involved in projects such as converting raw materials into useful products. You could be working with an experienced chemical engineer producing, transforming and correctly using chemicals and materials. As a chemical engineering intern, you could be working in an office, in a laboratory or in a factory.

Your training in chemical engineering could be applied in processes aimed to find solutions for environmental issues, in the transformation of food, in quality analysis in a laboratory setting or in research and development for the chemical industry.

Examples of chemical engineering internships:

  • Internship in manufacturing
  • Internship in pharmaceuticals
  • Internship in healthcare
  • Internship in design and construction
  • Internship in pulp and paper
  • Internship in petrochemicals
  • Internship in food processing
  • Internship in specialty chemicals
  • Internship in microelectronics, electronic and advanced materials
  • Internship in polymers
  • Internship in business services
  • Internship in biotechnology
  • Internship in environmental health
  • Internship in safety industries

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