Environmental Engineering Internships

Environmental engineering is about taking the natural environment into account and ensuring that a project does not have a harmful effect on nature. An environmental engineer will look into the design and operation of a project with the aim of reducing the effects the project may have on water and soil for example.

Studying environmental engineering equips a student with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the dynamic nature of the natural environment and its conservation. An internship in an environmental engineering company will enable the intern to learn about protecting the environment and to improve their skills in that area. For example an intern might be involved in work relating to water treatment, recycling or perhaps finding solutions to air pollution.

Examples of environmental science internships:

  • Internship in environmental protection
  • Internship in environmental auditing
  • Internship in environmental planning
  • Internship in land care
  • Internship in environmental science research
Examples of Environmental Engineering Internships:
  • Internship in chemical engineering
  • Internship in civil engineering
  • Internship in environmental engineering
  • Internship in mining engineering
  • Internship in earth sciences
In addition to the above examples there are also “hybrid internships” which combine aspects of both environmental science and environmental engineering.
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