Finance Internships

Simply put, finance is about managing money but of course the related activities take many forms.

Undertaking an internship in finance could see you involved in any of the following:

  • Financial planning.
  • Developing promotions.
  • Presenting financial planning seminars.
  • Assessing clients’ financial situation by gathering investments data, allocation of assets, savings, tax, structuring, retirement planning, real estate planning and evaluation of risk tolerance.
  • Developing financial strategies by advising clients to establish financial goals.
  • Matching goals to situations with appropriate financial plans.
  • Negotiating lines of credit.
  • Proposing financial plans and options.
  • Explaining advantages and risks.
  • Monitoring customers’ financial situations by tracking updates in wealth and life.
  • Analysing financial plan results.
  • Forecasting profits and losses.
  • Identifying and evaluating financial strategies.
  • Preparing financial statements.
  • Recommending amendments in goals and plans.
  • Setting up a company’s overall financial strategy.
  • Providing financial management information.
  • Preparing financial status reports.
  • Monitoring financial markets, general economic updates and new financial products.
  • Reviewing professional and technical publications.
  • Coordinating with external auditors

Examples of finance internships:

  • Internship in corporate finance
  • Internship in commercial banking
  • Internship in investment banking
  • Internship in hedge funds
  • Internship in financial analysis
  • Internship in trading
  • Internship in public accounting
  • Internship in financial accounting
  • Internship in regulatory compliance
  • Internship in quantitative analysis
  • Internship in portfolio management
  • Internship in private equity
  • Internship in venture capital
  • Internship in financial planning
  • Internship in insurance
  • Internship in actuary

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