Food Technology Internships


Food technology is a science that deals with food production processes.

While studying food technology and science, you will learn and gain knowledge in areas such as chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and biotechnology. Food technology and science students are strongly encouraged to obtain as much professional industry experience as possible before completing their degrees.

During a food technology internship you could be working for a food or beverages company, or a science, a research, an engineering or a consulting company. You could be involved in working in areas such as:

  • Quality assurance.
  • Monitoring food production.
  • Analysing food for nutritional content.
  • Researching ways to better preserve or package food.

Examples of food technology internships:

  • Internship in product research and development
  • Internship in food product development
  • Internship in food quality
  • Internship in food packaging technology
  • Internship in food quality coordination
  • Internship in food quality training
  • Internship in laboratory technology
  • Internship in food and immune system research
  • Internships in food technology applications
  • Internship in food innovation
  • Internship in nutrition

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