Graphic Design Internships

Graphic design is about combining text and pictures in advertising and is effectively communication via visual and textual content. The communication can be physical or virtual and can include images, words or graphics. The work involved in graphic design could consist of designing a single postage stamp to a national postal service or it could consist of the creation of interlinked digital and physical content for an internationally distributed newspaper. Thus the work involved in graphic design can be of any scale and it can also be for any purpose i.e. commercial, cultural, spiritual or political, for example.
During a graphic design internship you could be involved in creating concepts manually or by using computer graphics to communicate ideas that inspire and inform the target audience such as consumers. You could be involved in developing the overall layout and production of advertisements, flyers, magazines, brochures, packages and websites. Areas where a graphic design internship could take place include:
  • Manufacturing
  • Specialised design services
  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Digital agencies
  • IT companies
  • Publishers of newspapers, periodicals, books and directories
  • Public relations, consulting and related services
Examples of graphic design internships:
  • Internship in web design
  • Internship in digital marketing
  • Internship in print design
  • Internship in packaging design
  • Internship in a magazine company
  • Internship a publishing company
  • Internship in a technology company that produces design software
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