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What is an internship ?

Internship is a practical work placement program which allows a student gain practical professional experience in their field of study. The aim is to develop the student’s skills to make it easier for them to gain employment at the end of their studies and to help build their future career.

Why take an intern via CareerDC ?


We pre-screen and select potential interns to ensure that they are suitable for your company.


Students have a fresh outlook on things and can have innovative ideas to develop your business.


A students undertakes an internship to learn new skills and to develop thus they are motivated and will do their best to impress you.


During the internship with your company the student will apply the knowledge they have gained at their university or school.


An internship can be an opportunity to trail your next employee.


Having a multilingual intern can be useful if you are looking to export your product or services.


We will assist you with all the documentation that are related to the intern’s university (or school) and anything related with the relevant insurance cover.


CareerDC will mediate should any problems emerge during the internship.


We are able to lease a laptop for the intern should your company be unable to provide them with one.

How does the internships program works ?

We organise an interview between the student and the host company. The company will then be able to evaluate if the student is suitable to intern with the company. You as the host company will decide if you take the student or not. If you do wish to take them as an intern, you will need to complete a document relating to the insurance cover provided for the student by their university (or school). At the end of the internship you will also need to complete a document to testify that the student completed their internship as required. If you do not wish to accept a student following the interview, we will put forward another student for your consideration.

What are your responsibilities as host organisations ?


You will need to monitor and supervise the student during their internship.


You will have to designate a supervisor for the student.


The intern must be provided with a workplace that complies with the relevant work health and safety laws and regulations.


The intern must be trained before starting the work experience.


The documents provided by the university (or school) must be signed at the end of the internship to complete the internship.


In case of any questions or concerns, or should problems arise, please contact CareerDC.

How does my business become a Host Organisation?

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