Intern guide to New Zealand

  • Here are the average prices of what you may need while in New Zealand:
    • One week grocery supplies: ~ $75 NZD, we advise you to go to WoolWorth, the main supermarket chain.
    • Cinema tickets: Prices start at around $22 NZD, but you will have to pay more if the movie is in 3D or IMAX.
    • Fast food: Usually cheap, around $10 NZD for a meal at McDonald’s
    • Alcohol: Very expensive, around $10 NZD for a beer in a Auckland bar
    • Accommodation: $200 – $400 per week depending on whether you are sharing the room with a flatmate or not and depending on the locations.

Flying from Asia or Europe to New-Zealand takes a long time, so make sure that you choose a good flight company.

Since there are numerous companies, the easiest way to plan your trip is to go to a website like,,, so you can quickly see which flight is best for you. Otherwise, you can directly visit each flight company website but it takes a lot more time.

Be careful on what you bring onboard. For example, you will have to declare and pay taxes if you bring more than 50 cigarettes with you. So be careful when shopping in Duty Free! You can find more information about these restrictions here:

When you arrive in New Zealand, you can book short-term accommodation via the website:


Another option is to book at Backpacker Hostels because they are often cheap and you will be able to meet people from different nationalities. You can have a look at their locations and book your room here:


You can also book a hotel, however this is much more expensive. You can select your hotel and make a reservation via Booking (


After a couple of days, you may want to have your own place. Apartments are really expensive in New Zealand so you will most probably have to share your apartment or even your room with other people.

The easiest and the fastest way to look for accommodation is to search on :

You may find the flat of your dreams in a couple of days or hours if you are really lucky!

Regarding mobile phones, the cheapest solution is to buy an New Zealand SIM card so you can have an New Zealand phone number which will considerably decrease your telephone bills. Make sure that your mobile is unlocked beforehand, if that is not the case, you can also buy a new one in New Zealand. The operator that offers the best value for your money is definitely Optus. The most interesting offer is the Optus prepaid social plan, which gives you unlimited text messages in Australia, connection to social

media and much more! You can check the details here:

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