What is an internship ?

An internship is a practical work placement program which enables a student to gain hands-on experience in the field of their study. The aim of an internship is to develop the student’s skills to make it easier for them to find employment after their studies and to help them build their future career. As a student wishing to undertake an internship you can choose the industry and the location as well as the duration and the starting date of your internship.


For information on the industries in which CareerDC actively places students for internships, please click here.


To qualify for an internship program it must be an integrated part of your studies. That is you will receive academic credit from your university for the internship, and the placement forms a part of your degree. To ensure that you will obtain the necessary academic credit, CareerDC and your internship host organisation will complete the necessary internship documentation for your university.

Can CareerDC arrange insurance ?

Often a student’s university will provide the necessary insurance cover for the duration of an internship. However if your university does not, CareerDC can arrange one for the period of your internship.

How long will it take to arrange my internship ?

On average CareerDC will need two (2) weeks to three (3) months to find an internship, depending on your requirements and your field of study. If you have very specific requirements for your internship it can take longer to find a placement. If you are in an urgent need for an internship placement please contact CareerDC and we can discuss your situation.

Students undertaking internship will be responsible for:


During the interview you should ask the host organisation about the tasks you would carry out as an intern.


You should discuss the duration of the internship with the host organisation and the documents required by your university.


You should communicate clearly and regularly with your internship supervisor at your host organisation.


You must maintain confidentiality on all confidential or sensitive information which you attain as an intern at the host organisation.


You should act professionally and responsibly during your internship – as an intern you represent your university, CareerDC and, of course, yourself.


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