If you are full of energy and you like surpassing yourself, then do an internship in Christchurch! Located at the gateway to the breathtakingly beautiful Canterbury region, Christchurch is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities and thrills in rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, lakes, hot pools, marine life and majestic glaciers.
Christchurch promises you an eclectic mix of historic elegance and contemporary culture.
In the city center, most businesses have reopened to the public since the earthquake of 2011, which this dynamic city is recovering from quickly. Christchurch also has an incredible number of museums and artistic creation stands.
As an intern in Christchurch, you will enjoy the freedom of skiing, snowboarding, bungy jumping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, rafting, surfing, swimming, seeing whales, dolphins and seals, visiting wineries and gardens, shopping, and so much more every weekend or even after work.

Transport to your accommodation from Christchurch Airport

Upon arrival pass through immigration and customs first. After such a long flight you

would maybe like to take a Taxi to your accommodation. But if you are into saving some money right away, you can also consider taking the train or airport shuttle.


Travel time from the airport to the city centre is approximately 15-20 minutes. Prices vary by taxi company. You should ask to the taxi how much it would cost approximately

The price are just below (be careful some airport supplementary fees can be added)

  • Taxi start: $3.00
  • 1km: $3.15
  • Taxi 1  hour waiting: $60.00


The Purple Line and the Number 29 buses go via the city centre. You can buy your tickets from the driver. Tickets cost $8.50 approximately.

Airport Shuttle

Travel time from the airport direct to the city centre is approximately 15-20 minutes. Prices are different depending the company you will take

The i-SITE centre is open from 8am – 8pm and they’re located in the International Arrivals Hall

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