Law Internships


Law is a system of rules governing the daily behaviours in a society; it regulates social as well as economic and commercial relations. Laws portray the rights and duties within a society. Law influences areas such as politics, economics, and societal expectations and behaviours in various ways, and is also influenced by them. It also acts as a mediator of relationships between people or entities within a society.

There are numerous areas of law which you may be studying as a law student. There are the wider areas of criminal law and civil law for example. Specific areas of law could include international law, contract law, tort law, tax law, trust law, administrative law, property law and constitutional law, to name a few. During a law internship you could be involved in the any of the areas mentioned above.

Examples of law internships:

  • Internship in a legal firm
  • Internship in an International tax firm
  • Internship in a governmental department or organisation
  • Internship in a non-profit organisation
  • Internship in a trade union
  • Internship in a human rights organisation

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