Mechatronics Internships


Mechatronic engineering is the technological combination of electronics and mechanical engineering.

As a mechatronic engineering intern you could be involved in designing and building complex machines, be it in aviation or in robotics. If you are passionate about robotics then mechatronic engineering is the right field for you.

Robotics is a fast growing industry thanks to the fast development of new technologies. It is anticipated that there will be, and most likely already is, a great demand for hiring professionals in this field to be involved in the construction of robots for domestic, commercial or military purposes. As an intern in robotics you will gain valuable and respected experience which you can put into use later on.

As a mechatronic intern you could be working on electronic and computer control systems and you could be using computer-aided design (CAD) and other software to simulate models. Working on modelling would see you using mathematics and algorithms. You might also need to use mathematics to understand and to formulate physics and chemistry formulas necessary in the process of designing and building products.

If you have an interest in mechanics, engineering, physics, problem solving and creative work, you may find a mechatronic engineering internship an exciting prospect.

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