Political Sciences Internships


Political science is the study of political phenomena. It studies power and power relationships between humans, groups, citizens, states and/or in intergovernmental organisations.  As a political science student you are likely to have studied various subjects such as sociology, international relations, electoral behaviour analysis, political systems, culture, political philosophy, public administration or public policy, to name a few.

As a political science intern you may be involved in working with official records, historical documents, survey research, journals, statistical analysis, legal matters, cultural matters, public relations or foreign affairs for example.

A political science internship could see you involved in tasks such as:

  • Analysing voter behaviour
  • Planning, conducting and analysing survey research
  • Writing articles related to political science
  • Contributing to a political campaign
  • Creating communication plans
  • Contributing to the development, analysis and implementation of policies
  • Monitoring and analysing relevant federal, state and local legislation
  • Participating in events and conferences

Examples of internships in political science:

  • Internship in a government department
  • Internship in an advocacy group/organisation
  • Internship in a lobbying group/organisation
  • Internship in a business
  • Internship in a newspaper, journal or a periodical
  • Internship in an embassy/consulate

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