Project Management Internships


Project management involves commencing a project and planning, carrying and executing as well as overseeing it in a way that uses effectively the available resources, including the skills and the labour of the people involved in the project work, in order to attain the desirable project result(s) within the project’s set parameters or criteria.

During a project management internship, you could be involved in the planning process of a given project, its organisation, and controlling the resources available. As a project management intern you could be involved in tasks such as:

  • Initialisation that is examining the operations relating to the costs and the budget.
  • Planning and designing that is selecting the team, setting the timetable for the project as well as setting the budget and considering the costs, and considering the risks related to the project.
  • Execution and construction that is managing and developing the project and ensuring that the stakeholders’ expectations are met.
  • Supervision and control that is identifying and reviewing the state and progress of the project in relation to the initial expectations.
  • Completion that is the final phase of the project and when the project contract is coming to an end.

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