Software Engineering Internships


Software engineering is the application of engineering to the concept, design, development, testing, implementation, production and maintenance of software in a systematic method.

During a software engineering internship, you could be designing, testing, implementing, modifying and ensuring the IT maintenance of software. As an intern in software engineering, you are likely to be working with a Software Engineer who is involved in the development of procedures and applications systems.

Examples of tasks which an interns could be involved in during an internship in software engineering:

  • Development of specific and personalised software for a customer or a company.
  • Coding of software.
  • Design of software.
  • Development of Web applications.
  • Planning a project of a team and calculating the cost and budgeting for the demand (request).
  • Maintenance of software and correction of bugs of applications.

Examples of software engineering internships:

  • Internship  in technical analysis
  • Internship in software architecture
  • Internship in software development
  • Internship in software testing
  • Internship in technical support
  • Internship in middleware analysis
  • Internship in application development

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