A really good professional et personal experience
Roxane – Marketing Intern
CareerDC has a personal follow up during the process
Rami – Business Intern
I’m more confident to start my career
Kexin – Civil Engineering Intern

Something amazing may happen
Zhen – Civil Engineering Intern

Here you have countless opportunities

Yassin – Marketing student

“I have been researching potential cities for a Marketing internship and I find Dubai as the perfect city to kickstart my career. Here you have countless opportunities and I love this about the city. I am currently performing my internship in a fast based Advertising Agency based in Dubai, UAE. The experience I have gained already have exceeded my expectations and I made great connections. The international characteristics of the city make the experience from Dubai highly valuable worldwide. An Internship in Dubai on my resume is a big plus. If you have an eye on professional development, I certainly advise you to do your internship in Dubai and I want thank CareerDC for making this possible for me. ”Yassin, Marketing student, Artesis Plantin Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium

To gain valuable rewarding experiences

Joeyee – Sociology and Anthropology student

“During my internship, I was able to gain valuable rewarding experiences that has enhance my skills. Undoubtedly, with the given opportunities to take on significant responsibilities, it offered me with a depth of practical skills far beyond the theoretical knowledge I have gained in university. The tasks and roles I have accomplished throughout this internship have enabled me to apply my university learning in a real-world setting and managed to expand my interpersonal and problem solving skills by interacting with clients and other team members. I really appreciate the opportunity given to be part of such an esteemed organisation. I would like to extend my gratitude towards CareerDC for all of the unforgettable amazing experiences and thank all of my co-workers and peers who supported me to accomplish new levels of professionalism.”
Joeyee, Sociology and Anthropology student, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam
So many experiences for your life !
Trang – Business Administration Intern

Really fast to find an internship
Marion – Human Resources intern

It’s gonna be an advantage for you
Ryan – Mechanical Engineering Intern

It gives you a better understanding
Mehdi – Mechanical Engineering Student

CareerDC is really fast and effective
Valentin – International Business Intern

An experience you will never forget
Marlene – Communication Intern
You learn so much about different cultures
Yvonne – Human Ressources Intern

There’s a lot to explore in Sydney !
Nicole – Human Ressources Intern

So many things to do
Celine – Human Ressources Intern

I really enjoyed to develop a new relation
Stephanie – Marketing Intern

You can have a really good balance between work and your life
Sina, Civil Engineering Intern
The environment is amazing !
Lucas – Erasmus Mundus
I learnt how a real start up company works

Najila – Food Engineering Intern

“This is my last week at the host company, and I would like to give you some feedback about how was my internship since your company helped me to find it. The company is well-located, the beach is a lovely place and all the people who work here are lovely as well. Besides that the internship was flexible, and my timetable could be adapted considering my available time. Moreover, the interns are very multicultural, so I had the opportunity to work with people from Australia and also from different countries around the world. The host company is a start up company, as a intern I had to learn how to work with less resources, I learnt how a real start up company works and I hope that the company grows fast to support more interns and also long-term employees. In addition, I would like to thank the Team for all the help during this period. Thank you and best regards.”

Najla, Food Science and Technology exchange student at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Bachelor of Food Engineering, University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil

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