Tourism Internships


Simply put, tourism is the industry of travelling for the purpose of pleasure and personal experience. It is the business of attracting, entertaining and accommodating tourists. Tourism may be international, or within the traveller’s own country.

Carrying out an internship in the tourism industry may involve working in a travel agency or an airline or a perhaps a relevant government department. During an internship you are likely to have the opportunity to gain both office and customer facing experience as in our tourism internship program you may have an intermediary role between customers and one of the various tourism service providers such as tour operators, airlines, hotelkeepers, car rental companies, travel insurance companies and so on.

Examples of tourism internships:

  • Internship in a travel agency
  • Internship in the tourism department of a government
  • Internship in a hotel or a resort
  • Internship in a cruise ship
  • Internship in an adventure sports centre
  • Internship as a tour guide leading activities and historical trips

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