Internships in the UAE

If you are interested in and placed in an internship in the United Arab Emirates, you are bound to have an exciting experience in this dynamic and multicultural city where everything seems possible.

The UAE attracts people from all over the world wanting to experience what the country has to offer. The UAE is continuously being developed with more and more high-rise buildings and luxury hotels constructed which attracts multinational companies as well as international investors to the city. The ongoing construction and expansion of the country can also offer many internship opportunities for internal students.
Apart from being an open trading hub, the UAE is economically strong thanks to its government that is favourable to business, its logistics and well planned infrastructure with cosmopolitan cities where there are people from over two hundred nationalities and cultures. UAE’s culture is based on traditional Arabic heritage mixed with western influences.

More information on living in the UAE during your internship:

Cities in the UAE




Abu Dhabi




Al Ain




Ras Al Khaimah


Um Al Quwain

Um Al Quwain

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