Al Ain


Al Ain is the 4th largest city in the UAE. This city can be considered as the epitome of the UAE. It is a city full of outstanding landscape and places as parks, Oasis and many museum. Being a UNESCO World heritage site, both locals and tourists alike look down to Al Ain to experience the amazing cultural and natural offering that this city propose.
Doing your internship there will be the perfect opportunity for you to explore in depth various aspect of the UAE background.
During your free time you can visit many places like the Jebel Hafeet’s mountain, Al Ain Zoo, Al Ain national museum, Al Ain Oasis, Al-Khrair Animal Souq, Hili Archaeological Park and many other beatiful places.
Regarding transport the best way to explore Al Ain is via a Taxi because it is inexpensive. You can also find “ladies taxis” which is a car with a female driver provided for female only.
There is also a local bus service, you can find all the information about them on this website
Concerning the costs in order to travel within Al Ain with local buses you can buy a ticket which cost about 2 AED or you can get a monthly pass for 50,00 AED.
As for the accommodation, the rent prices are reasonable. You can find studio apartments or shared flat and bedrooms depending on what you are looking for and your budget. However the most economic way would be to share a flat with other people.
Regarding healthcare, as in the rest of the UAE, you will have to take an insurance to go there for your internship.

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